Monday, 9 September 2013


Prism's coming out in a month and a half!
You can buy Roar!
Katy did something with Pepsi & MTV with the VMAs, allowing us to choose her next single! Dark Horse won, but I preferred Walking On Air...
Other songs I've heard that will be on there are:
1. "Roar"
2. "Legendary Lover
3. "Birthday"
4. "Walking On Air"
5. "Unconditionally"
6. "Dark Horse" featuring Juicy J
7. "This Is How We Do"
8. "International Smile"
9. "Ghost"
10. "Love Me"
11. "Double Rainbow"
12. "By The Grace Of God"

International Smile & Legendary Lover sound cool!

This will be the album cover:
Hmm... it's OK, it's cool, but it's not my favorite. She could have been a lot more creative.

Katy announced on the Good Morning America show last Friday that she's having a contest. If you make a video of you and friends doing something to Roar, and your video wins, she'll come do a concert RIGHT AT YOUR SCHOOL! I really really want to enter, but I have no idea what to do, and I don;t think anyone else in my school would want to do it :/

Friday, 7 June 2013

Katy Collaborating Rumors

Lots of us have heard and Katy has said herself that she'd really like to collaborate with other artists for her new record. And many of us know about  her new song Double Rainbow with SIA so we're all pretty excited - what am I saying, REALLY excited. This is major!
I have heard that there are a lot of rumors going on about Katy's new record and how there's going to be a lot of collaborating... apparently Katy said that herself. If you find any evidence of her collaborating with someone, submit it in the comments. But there needs to be evidence... not just text. Maybe a video. A photo isn't really good enough as for if Photoshop has been used by professionals, we don't know that the image has been altered. If it's from Katy, herself and you know it's been verified, send a link to your evidence. We don't want this blog to become a rumors site!
- GG

Monday, 25 March 2013

Where's Her Star?

OK, well I have a language assignment and in one part of it I have to say where I want to visit and have an image to represent it. Nothing better describes California, LA or Hollywood in a KatyCat was than showing Katy's Star on the Walk of Fame! So I've searched on Google Images for ages and I haven't been able to find one picture of Katy's Star! And I've also done some research if Katy even has one and most sites say no. All the sites have been ones that users answer questions so it all may not be legit but I can't find one single photo of it! Katy has been responsible for two music revolutions - the I Kissed a Girl revolution and the Firework revolution, and she still hasn't earned her Star? What the heck!!! That is complete maddness!!! When I go one day I will check. And I will NOT accept this if there is no star! It is NOT FAIR! Come on, seriously?

According to which appears to be the official site of the Walk of Fame, Katy is not there!!! RIDICULOUS!!! Well I better go back to my assignment now...
Peace out!
- GG

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Not Keeping Up-to-Date?

Not keeping up-to-date, you say? Are we posting not enough Katy activity? Sorry, about that, it's just I've found out things REALLY late so I think it's not worth posting about... if you guys don't care, then alright, I'll try to post more... I'm not an obsessed have-to-blog-everything gurl, so I'm not purrfect at this. Anyway, I'll try my hardest.
- GG

Friday, 8 March 2013

New Theme?

So, mostly all of us have been dying in curiosity of Katy's new theme. I visited her website one day and saw she gave it a makeover. The new look (as shown bellow) contains flowers. Could flowers be the new theme? Buuut, Katy once said that she was obsessed with all things edible and that it will always stay something that is possible to eat. Obviously, you do not eat flowers, they are not food... however there is FLOUR...
This is a screenshot of Katy's website. Look at the background wallpaper. It's purple with daises. Look at the header. It's of Katy, her supposedly new logo, a new slogan "Back to werk" and DAISIES too! Daisies are flowers. (duh!) Therefore her new theme must be flowers!
- GG

Saturday, 16 February 2013

New Year, New Gear

Cello, it's GeGe here, I don't really know why I said new gear in the title but what I'll be talking about is the new Katy record, theme and tour!

So, we all know that Katy is going to put out a new record in June or July. I'm pretty eager to find out Katy's new surprise hits and I'm pretty sure MangoShapedSpace is too... I'm pretty sure everyone's eager! Even the haters!

Also, we all know that Katy is going to come up with a new theme, the question is WHAT IS IT GONNA BE??!! This I am also very eager to know... I wish one day she'll come back to fruit... Yup, still stuck in the One of the Boys era... I guess that's just me. Everything in that time, things about Katy... and just events happened then relate and are very dear to me... Well, we're not here to talk about me, we're here to talk about KATY, so I shall continue...

And last but certainly not least, we all know Katy is going to have a new TOUR! The thing KatyCats are already trying to clear their schedule for! The big questions are what is it gonna be called? When is it gonna be? This year or next year? What month? What days?

These things sure are exciting... OMP, who am I kidding, they're not just exciting, they're things I'm DIEING TO GET TO! Then again, it ain't about me... Sorry gurls... And guys...
Anyway, peace ✌ out 👌
- GG🍉

Friday, 28 December 2012

Katy Perry CALENDAR!

So it's the end of the year and people are looking for 2013 calendars. Is one of those people you? Instead of getting an ordinary calendar why don't you get KATY'S CALENDAR!! Yup, Katy has her very own calendar!!
Here are images of it...